Green New Deal for Birmingham

The Campaign


The Background

In 2015, GASP, Alabama Rivers Alliance, Alabama Environmental Council, Energy Alabama, and the Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise began to organize a campaign called Renew Alabama. We hosted the Renew Alabama Conference at UAB in 2017. Then in 2018–19, we took the show on the road — along with Powershift Network, People’s Justice Council, and the Alabama Chapter of the Sierra Club — for the Renew Alabama Environmental Justice Tour. We held workshops in Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Huntsville, among other locations to seek input on the platform.

With feedback from numerous organizations, advocates, and grassroots champions, the end result was a platform for climate and environmental justice in Alabama that included: clean, renewable energy; healthy air and water; government accountability; green jobs and infrastructure; regenerative agriculture; food sovereignty; affordable housing; and public transit. We also developed a set of shared values: justice, equity, fairness, sustainability and transparency.

The Injustice

Birmingham has been subjected to environmental injustices for decades by corrupt industries, racist decision makers, and  shady businesses. Pollution in residential neighborhoods, contaminated water and soil, and blatant housing discrimination have caused premature deaths in Birmingham, Respiratory illnesses and displaced residents. The damage inflicted upon Birmingham Citizens is vast and deep. Click the links below to learn more about Birmingham’s history of environmental injustice and why we need a Green New Deal NOW.

The Roadblocks

As the climate and pollution crisis continues to reach astronomical levels, greed is the major reason a plan has not been implemented- yet. Alabama Power, which is owned by Southern Company, is widely considered the most powerful entity in the state —and not because they generate the most electricity. Alabama Power and Southern spend millions of dollars every year to influence our elections, legislation, and policies.

It’s why Alabama Power has one of the highest guaranteed profit margins among investor-owned utilities (IOUs) in the country — while Alabamians bear among the highest energy burdens in the country. 



Resource Material

Want to learn everything you can about The Green New Deal for Birmingham? Want to teach others? Use our resources below to gain help with learning our history, learn about campaign collaborators, take action, and more. #Gnd4bhm