Green New Deal for Birmingham

Green New Deal
for Birmingham

The Green New Deal for Birmingham campaign, led by GASP, aims to develop a people-driven, justice-first climate action plan for the City of Birmingham that can be replicated in other municipalities across Alabama and the U.S.


We are hosting a Community Climate Assembly on Equitable Investments on Thursday, June 22, 2023, at Harvest Roots Kombucha Taproom in Avondale. The event will bring together community members, stakeholders, and experts to explore strategies to answer the question, “How can Birmingham prioritize investments that benefit all residents, particularly those in underserved and marginalized communities?”

The Community Climate Assemblies are a part of GASP’s Green New Deal for Birmingham campaign, which aims to develop a roadmap for the City of Birmingham to address climate change and advance environmental justice. The GND4BHM campaign facilitates an inclusive dialogue to inform policy decisions and drive actionable solutions by engaging diverse grassroots voices. The guest speaker at the Assembly is Christopher Tyler Burks, urban policy scholar and visiting professor of political science at Samford University.

Location: Harvest Roots, 4420 4th Ave S Ste B, Birmingham, AL 35222 (map)


Climate change is upon us already — more frequent extreme weather events, worsening air quality, rising sea levels, more severe droughts more often, more intense heat waves — and it will only get worse unless we reduce our carbon emissions across all sectors of our economy. Everyone will be affected by climate change. The question is, who can afford to recover, and which communities will be left behind? The good news is that we can address carbon emissions head-on just and equitably as we transition to a clean energy economy. The Green New Deal for Birmingham campaign, led by GASP, aims to develop a people-driven, justice-first climate action plan for the City of Birmingham that can be replicated in other municipalities across Alabama and the U.S.

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Responsible Energy

Transformative change that adheres to the science behind emission reductions and redirecting investments to advance local and community control of clean, renewable energy production and distribution. 

Transit Justice

Transit justice is safe, accessible, and well-funded transportation that helps all people get to and from essential places, such as jobs, schools, healthcare, and groceries, affordably and reliably. Transportation must be sustainable for our natural environment and ensure the well-being of people over cars

Clean Air, Land & Water

Investment in equitable air, water, and sewer infrastructure upgrades with new technologies that take into account the unique conditions in Southern communities so that everyone has access to safe, and affordable water and air without sacrificing their health.

Equitable Investments

Equitable investment means ensuring that financial, technical, natural, and human resources benefit communities that have been historically underserved and marginalized. The equitable distribution of resources must address pollution remediation, affordable housing, economic development, infrastructure, and workforce development.

Sustainable Development

A prioritization of investments to critical community infrastructures (bridges, levees, anti-flooding drains etc.) that ensure long-term sustainability and reinforcement backed by the science of equitable and resilient community practices in collaboration with frontline communities.  

Transparent Government

Equal access to the power, opportunities, and resources decision-makers have to collectively determine the futures of community members. A clear and honest look and say so into the laws, policies, and regulations that directly impact community members is a must.


The Green New Deal For Birmingham operates under the notion that we can do better and end the climate crisis by fighting for a just, equitable society that puts people and community first. That’s why this campaign is values-driven that include:

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